Bulanglang na Hipon

Bulanglang na Hipon is a sour soup made of shrimp, guavas, and water spinach. This Kapampangan version of sinigang is delicious and a great comfort food year-round.

I hope you love shrimp as much as I do because as if posting nilasing na hipon, ginataang hipon, and ginataang kalabasa at hipon in succession is not enough, I have another shrimp recipe for you!

This bulanglang na hipon is another oldie but goodie that I am updating and bringing back to the forefront. It was first published on the blog in 2013 and I am sprucing it up today with brand new photos

What is Bulanglang
Bulanglang, in the Southern regions of the country, refers to a boiled vegetable dish flavored with bagoong similar to dinengdeng or laswa. For us, Kapampangans, however, it’s a type of sinigang that uses guavas as the souring agent in place of the more common tamarind fruit.

Kapampangan bulanglang is a sour soup made with pork, shrimp or milkfish. It traditionally includes kangkong, puso nang saging, and gabi along with fresh guavas to complete the dish with a tangy and slightly sweet taste.

Helpful Cooking Tips

  • Although you can add whatever vegetables you usually use in sinigang, kangkong or water spinach is the traditional vegetable used in bulanglang soup as well as gabi if using pork or banana blossom if using bangus.
  • I use Mexican cream guavas which have thin pale-yellow skin, creamy white flesh, and soft, edible seeds. Some varieties of the fruit have harder seeds and thicker flesh; peel the skin and adjust cook time as needed.
  • The seeds and inner pulp carry lots of flavor. Combine the scooped seeds with about a cup of water and mash with the back of a spoon. Strain in a fine-mesh sieve, discard the seeds and add the extracted juice to the pot.
  • To add depth of flavor, replace the water with rice washing.
  • For a delicious balance of sour and sweet fruit taste, use a mix of ripe and still green guavas.
  • This sinigang soup is a quick meal; make sure all the ingredients are prepped beforehand.

Light and refreshing, bulanglang na hipon is a delicious soup to warm you up during cold rainy days and to cool down with on warmer months. You can enjoy the soup on its own or for a hearty meal, serve with steamed rice and spiced patis as a dipping sauce.


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