Adobong Itlog

Satisfy your adobo cravings with this quick and easy Adobong Itlog recipe! It’s ready in minutes and budget-friendly without compromising the hearty and comforting flavors you love of the classic Filipino dish.


I hope you love adobo as much as I do because to follow up the tasty pineapple pork adobo I reposted yesterday, I have another delicious way to enjoy this classic Filipino dish. Egg adobo!

It’s not uncommon to add hard-boiled eggs to adobo as an economical way to extend the dish but sometimes when I don’t have the patience to wait out the longer cooking times of pork or chicken, I forgo the customary meat and use only hard-boiled eggs and pan-fried potatoes.

Why you’ll love Adobong Itlog
It’s relatively inexpensive with simple pantry ingredients.
It’s quick and simple to make in one pan and in under 30 minutes!
The recipe can be easily doubled or tripled to feed a crowd.
It’s hearty and tasty comfort food the whole family will love!

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